We are a mission-focused leader that builds impactful digital solutions and products that improve customer outcomes.

Product Development

We offer full-life-cycle development of responsive applications across multiple platforms.

User Experience

We build delightful user experiences by taking the time to understand you and your customer's goals.


We create automated development processes that aid in the reliable & rapid release of your project.

Ready to take on the big challenge.

Xponent knows what it takes to answer our nation’s most pressing challenges. It’s more than know-how—it’s a relentless drive and commitment to mission success.

We work with and for you


We'll support in the advancement of your products as well as review other approaches offering qualified advice.

Trusted to Deliver

From serving the defense and intelligence communities that support the warfighter to aiding civilian agencies in their public service missions, we are trusted to deliver.

Your team and ours

We can augment your existing team to further aid and innovate each project, product, or initiative.

Technical Leadership

We provide technical expertise for teams of developers who can benefit from our broad and deep experience.